Google Developers Conference 2018: HIGHLIGHTS

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has annnounced product and platform updates that will use Artificial Intelligence, powered by the Google Assistant, while also launching the Android P beta version as well as a revamped Google News at the company’s annual developers conference.

The announcements include updates to ease composing emails,making lists and reducing digital distractions. They come amid demands by critics to strengthen data privacy, tackle the growing addiction of devices and platforms among users and stopping the spread of misinformation.

Here are the top announcements fro my the first day of I/O 2018 developer conference–

Smarter Gmail

Google had recently rolled out a new user interface for Gmail.The email service is now getting a slew of AI-based features, Google introduced a new ‘Smart Compose’ feature that helps auto completes emails as you type them.

Google Photos

Google introduced new tools allowing improved image recognition. Google Photos can also colour your old black-and-white photos now and recognise documents and images to help you easily convert them into PDFs.

Google Assistant

Google said it was working with Wavenet to make Google Assistant’s voice more human-like. In addition to six new voices, Google has also roped in R&B singer John Legend to get his voice digital assistant.

Android P

Google announced the availability of its latest beta of Android P for Pixel phones and select non-Google devices. Android P comes with a range of new features such as swipe gestures, app actions, adaptive brightness and adaptive battery controls among others.

Digital Well-Being

Google has introduced a new initiative that is aimed at helping users curb their addiction to smartphones. The company has introduced a set of new tools that help users control their time spent on applications. Google also launched new ‘Shush’ feature that completely blocks the notifications when you flip the device. The tech giant also introduced a dashboard where users can monitor the time spent on different applications. The new features will be integrated into Google’s new Android P mobile operating system.