Facebook’s New Dating App ?? Facebook Vs Tinder !!

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Today, Facebook Inc announced its idea for a dating app which will live inside its official app and that users will be able “unlock” indivual events or groups that they are members of to see potentially matches.The company says in a promotional material, “Just like in real life, the more active you are in the communities around you , the more opportunities you’ll have to meet awsome people”.

This will be going to one of the biggest change in dating app market because being the biggest social networking site which is used by 2.2 Billion ( as of the fourth quarter of 2017) Facebook’s dating mode can undoubtedly will have the highest audience which is significantly higher than the uptill now best dating app,Tinder which have only 50 million monthly users.

Facebook Vs Tinder !! 

As per millions of people, Tinder is the best dating/hookup app up till now but does the case will remains the same after facebook’s platform?One of the biggest complains I hear from the crow out dating apps is that they never seem to get over the messaging-to-messagin-up-in-person hurdle and so Tinder is no difference.But if Facebook comes up, it is expected that it would be able to overcome this problem too.

If Facebook’s dating app ends up being like the company is promising now, it could encourage people to RVSP to events more and more frequently, in order to look through the guest lists for potential matches. So, In the end if facebook’s dating app comes up, then it could hit seriously hit Tinder’s buissness and also of other dating apps because Fb as always should also be bringing new feature which were not thought yet, and this could change the wave of the users to Fb’s dating app. But for the time being, Tinder is unquestionably the best dating/hookup app.