Tokyo Ghoul Re: Complete Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul: Re created a huge hype within its fan base due to the fact that Kaneki Ken, the  chief protagonist, has not only lost his memories but also joined CCG and is currently unknown about his true self. So tell our audience how much badass Kaneki is going to be in later episodes, OtakuSite Team brings you complete spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul Re.

Before starting, let us tell you that according to sources, Tokyo Ghoul Re will have a season 2, making it a 4th season of Tokyo Ghoul franchise which will be releasing around October/November later this year. So let’s get started with our spoilers…

Manga Chapter 31.5 To 41

The Quinx Squad is assigned to a task force to hunt down a survivor from the Rosewald family, a powerful clan of Ghouls who were supposed to be extinct. Meanwhile, Shuu Tsukiyama who was devastated since Kaneki’s disappearance, learns about his new identity as Sasaki and unbeknownst to him, his servant Kanae Von Rosewald hires some members of the Aogiri Tree to set up an ambush on Sasaki And his team. While Haise and co. drives away their attackers, Shu visits Touka, seeking her help with returning Sasaki’s memories as Kaneki.

Manga Chapter 42 To 52

Touka rejects Shu’s offer, claiming that she established the :re café with the purpose of being safe heaven for Kaneki, but only if he choose to return by his own will. Meanwhile, Kanae is approached by Eto who offers him a chance to get stronger. Sometime later, the CCG discovers that Shu’s entire family and conglomerates are led by ghouls and stages a massive operation to take them down. In three occasion, Shu end such up being persuaded by no other than Sasaki, who knows that the Ghoul holds the answer about his past. When Haise corners Shu, a transformed Kanae appears to protect his master.

Manga Chapter 53 to 63

As Haise confronts Shuu, Eto, the leader of Aogiri Tree appears to intervene, and Haise regains his lost memories as kaneki, becoming stronger than ever, enough to defeat Eto  although she manages to escape. In the occasion he also allows Shuu to flee after remembering about him as well. Upon confirming that Eto is in fact his favourite author Sen Takatsuki, Haise exposes and arrest some her, but complies with her request to make one last statement to the press, in which she reveals to the world that she is a Ghoul. Meanwhile on a reconnaissance mission to the headquarters of the Aogiri Tree, Mutsuki is captured by Torso.

Manga Chapter 64 to 75

With their leader under their custody, the CCG starts a large scale operation to raid the island where the Aogiri Tree set their main base. Meanwhile Ayato and some companions storm the Cochlea prison in order to rescue Hinami, who is about to transferred for execution, with the unexpected help from Haise who now reassumes his identity as Kaneki, betrays the CCG and lifts off all securities in order to rescue her by himself. In the occasion, Kaneki reunites with Touka and Renji,and have them all flee with Hinami while he stays behind to confront Arima once again.

Manga Chapter 76 to 86

Under Torso’s mercy, Mutsuki remembers the darkest secrets of his pasts that he was repressing so far and kills his captor, before disappearing. Meanwhile Eto breaks free but is mortally wounded by First-Class Investigator Nimura Furuta, who reveals that he underwent the same procedure as Kaneki. While fighting Arima, Kaneki renews his conviction to keep fighting and living for his loved ones and defeats Arima. Arima then commits suicides, but before passing away, he reveals to Kaneki that the Washū Clan , that controls the CCG is composed of ghouls. Before she presumably dies, Eto, learns of Arima’s death and concludes that both had succeeded with their plans to raise Kaneki to become the “One-Eyed King” with the power to change the world.


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