Dragon Ball Super Movie Update

Dragon Ball Super might have ended a while back but the fans already have something to look forward to. This something is actually the Dragon Ball Super Movie, which will come out later this year. The movie is slated to come out on December 14, 2018. If you are the same & you are looking for more news related to the movie then you are at the right place as I am going to share some news with you.

Multilayered And The Time Travel ?

According to Iyoku, the Dragon Ball Super Movie will have a multilayered story, by which he means there will be different timelines and multiple settings involved. Many people speculate that Yamoshi, the legendary Saiyan will be making an appearance in the movie. A new tailed Saiyan will be the new opponent and the movie was set after the ToP arc.

New Character & The Role Of Frieza ?

As per YonkouProd Scans, Frieza’s character design is out and according to its description, it seems like he will be plotting something again. Though it is still not clear if he is plotting a bad scheme or not, he might actuall your be helping Goku and Vegeta again, that’s a possibility. There is no Golden Frieza in the scans, but I believe that he’ll have this form in this movie too.

The new characters are believed to be in Frieza’s crew because of the very familiar armour and scouter.

Chirai- The only women in the group this time. She uses one gun as a weapon and is braver than anyone else in the group. She is in the middle.

Remo- He is a male with same scouter and gun like Chirai. He and Chirai seems to be friends.

Kikono- Kikono is wearing combat clothes that were never seen before. He also doesn’t wear any scouter and his combat strength seems to be low.

On the left side is Goku and Vegeta wearing their winter attire. They are looking kinda angry, but who knows? Both of the Saiyans are sporting their usual battle attires underneath which means not only Goku will fight the mysterious Saiyan but Vegeta as well.

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