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Baahubali Prequel Series Announced By Netflix

HIGHLIGHTS :  Baahubali: Before The Beginnin is a prequel series Partly based on The Rise Of Sivagami Netflx has already has a two season order for the new Baahubali series Baahubali is coming back as Netflix has announced a prequel series to the popular franchise that will partly be an adaptation of The Rise Of…
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16th August 2018 0

Ant Man and the Wasp – Movie Review

Ant Man and the Wasp is not just a very entertaining film but also a testament to the quality of Marvel’s movie machine and the creative head that runs it. Twenty films in, the consistency that Marvel has showcased and unparalleled and surprisingly, the films seem to be getting better with each new addition. Director…
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15th July 2018 0

8 Massive Movies Yet To Come In 2018

As we approach the year’s halfway point, you may already think that we’ve already seen some of the best movies of 2018— but there is a plenty more to come. Here’re the best films the world has yet to offer over the next seven months… 1. Ocean’s 8 Release Date: June 8 A heist film!…
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6th June 2018 0