13 Reasons Why Season 2 Confirmed

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To no suprise, Netflix’s young-adult drama 13 Reasons Why has been picked up by the Netflix for a second series. In the weeks after it first appeared on the streaming service it became the most-tweeted-about Netflix show to date, and has been the subject of intense debate about its graphic depiction of suicide.


As previous show (season 1) launched on 31st March 2017, many people were hoping the same this year but Netflix announced its date to be 18th MAY 2018 by launching a new trailer on 30th April this year.


“No More Tapes”— those retro cassette tapes are no more. Apparently there will be “a new piece of technology for 13 year olds to Google”. The trailer confirmed that the “new price of technology” will be Polaroids cameras and photography.

According to Netflix’s tweet on 10 May 2017 –

  • We will see other’s perspectives on Hannah’s story
  • Jessica’s story will continue as she tries to recover and return to normal life.
  • There Willi be a narrator but it won’t be Hannah— no more tapes.
  • The season will explore “the way we raise boys up into men and the way we treat girls and women in our culture — and what we could do better in both cases”.
  • Bryce will hopefully get what is coming to him.


Netflix has released an official synopsis for season two, teasing a “sickening secret” that is uncovered through a series of Polaroid photos.

“Season two picks up in the aftermath of Hannah’s death and the start of our characters’ complicated journeys toward healing and recovery. Liberty High prepares to go on trial, but someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth surrounding Hannh’s death concealed. A series of ominous polaroids lead Clay and his classmates to uncover a sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up”

Star Dylan Minnette told Yahoo that the action will begin “a couple months after season one, and there’s a lot that’s happened to Clay in between.”

Meanwhile, showrunner Brian Yorkey says that he knew very early on that the story could not end with the tapes at the end of season one.

“We realised at a certain point that we would end season one with a young woman who was just beginning to come to terms with the fact that she was a victim of sexual assault; with a young man who was suffering from severe social isolation and thinking of making a pretty tragic choice in response to that; with a character, Clay, who was really just beginning to grieve a girl that he loved and to understand what that grieving process was; and a whole community that had been traumatised in a number of specific ways, most centrally by Hannah’s suicide,” Yorkey said at a recent panel to discuss the show. “In a way it felt that to leave them there would be unfair to the characters and also to the viewers who really had come to care about them.”

He said that Jessica’s storyline in particular would be explored more in the new episodes.

“Jessica in particular, her experience continues to be a central part of season two. We wanted very much to look at her recovery. To look at what it is to go from being a victim of sexual assault to being a survivor of sexual assault,” he added.

Mr Porter meanwhile, the school counsellor who questions Hannah’s account of her sexual assault in the days leading up to her suicide, will face the repercussions of his actions.

“Mr. Porter, in particular, will be coming to terms with the mistakes that he made, with the ways that he let her down, and will be, I think, very determined not to let any kids down in the future,” he said.

“In fact, I think that his story is, I think, one of the most sort of compelling to me in season two. And we’ll see a man who is determined to reach every kid who needs to be reached and help every kid who needs to be helped. Whatever it takes.”

There were plenty of unanswered questions at the end of season one, and with season two picking up where the last episode left off, it’s probably worth reminding yourself of some of those cliffhanger moments below.